João Mário Pimentel de Andrade


A disruptive citizen of the World, mobilizer of wills and commitments, sees himself as “an enthusiastic marathonist who likes to quickly get to the finish line.”

At Future Group, we believe that success is built in the plural, together, in an environment where free initiative and innovative spirit are combined with rigor and a sense of responsibility. We believe in leadership by example and the participation and involvement of all. These are the leaders of an immense Team that builds the success of our Group and our customers on a daily basis.

João Mário Pimentel de Andrade, CEO HOLDING

João Mário Pimentel de Andrade is a civil engineer, graduated in 1991 from Instituto Superior Técnico. He started his professional career in the Department of Bridges and Special Structures at Profabril Centro de Projectos (at the time, the largest Portuguese engineering company and one of the largest in the world), by invitation of the respective director who was also a full professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, of whom he was a student.


A year and a half later, during which he designed several special structures and railway stations, the company invited him to join its Macau Delegation, where he spent two and a half years. In this period of extremely intense and multifaceted activity, he designed some of the most important works in Macau, also winning some tenders for bridges and viaducts. The contact with companies from different origins, as well as with the Asian culture, ended up significantly influencing the rest of his career.


He returned to Portugal, in 1995 and, also for Profabril, led the structural design of Norte-Shopping in Oporto and collaborated, as a consultant, with the US company Kaiser Engineering in the verification and review of the special structures. Six months after returning to Portugal, he took over the leadership of the company's Bridges and Special Structures department, from where special projects for several countries emerged, including the setting up of work teams abroad for specific projects, with a special focus on Asia. A year later he was promoted to General Manager of Profabril Centro de Projectos.


Following the development and presentation of a restructuring plan for the company, he was eventually invited by the President, and shareholder, of the company, to join the board of directors and assume the leadership and management of the company, despite his 31 years of age and being one of the youngest employees in the entire Group.


About three years later, in this role, where he had the opportunity to continue to contact and work with large multinationals, in several countries, and to participate in large-scale international projects, he decided to create his own engineering consultancy.


This career stage makes the transition to a new phase that takes him to Angola. In this country, where he starts with the management of the largest industrial project underway at the time, he ends up creating a company in the civil construction sector with innovative characteristics: he conceived, developed and delivered/built integrated and complete solutions, taking on all stages, from the need until the start of operation. This concept was extremely important at the time (2002), in a country where the capacity to devise and implement solutions was extremely low. The boldness of being one of the first companies in Angola to participate in the reconstruction project, allowed it to quickly grow and gain enormous notoriety.


The experience of managing a company with these characteristics and with works spread throughout the territory, with all the constraints of a country that has just emerged from a war, was extremely demanding, but also enriching. At the end of this cycle, in 2010, he embraces another equally striking project: that of senior advisor for international markets in one of the largest Chinese state-owned companies. The exchange of professional and cultural experiences inherent to the exercise of these functions for about three years provided him with an even broader view of the global reality.


Being involved and participating, from the inside, in the dynamics of growth and evolution of Chinese companies, in China and in many other countries, was an exceptional experience.


Returning to Portugal, to occupy the position of President of PROMAN - Centro de Estudos e Projectos S.A., one of the companies with the greatest history and prestige, was a challenge that he faced with particular satisfaction and enormous ambition. In the first three years he carried out a restructuring process that projected PROMAN to a higher level of performance and affirmation in the national and international markets, totally in countercyclical with the disastrous evolution that the sector was experiencing. During this period, he became aware that engineering services had become a commodity and that the engineering business and companies needed to reinvent themselves. That is how he created the concept that now drives the FUTURE Group: Engineering Beyond Technique. This concept captivated the current shareholders of the FUTURE Group, and gave birth to this large Group.


The largest engineering consultancy group based in Portugal, present on four continents, one of the main players in Africa and South America and driven by a disruptive concept.


This is the CEO of Grupo FUTURE, a citizen of the World, disruptive and mobilizing of wills and commitments, who sees himself as “an enthusiastic marathon runner who likes to quickly get to the finish line”.