innovation and technology

FUTURE Group always wants to be in the leading position. That is why it invests in the creation of a culture of innovation, with initiatives such as FUTURElab, which exists to generate online collaboration between technicians and specialists working in the Group's offices around the world. It also wants to be close to universities, laboratories and research centres. FUTURE Group is like this: pioneer, innovative and, as it could not be otherwise, with its eyes set on the future.

Innovation is in our DNA


Innovation is inseparable from the FUTURE brand.

Our founding concept, BEYOND ENGINEERING, is an innovation in terms of market approach, even reinventing the business of the Engineering sector. But we want to go, and we will go, further. We innovate at the technology level, at the production methods and service levels. We innovate at client relation, management and control systems levels.


We encourage study, research, thinking and sharing of innovative solutions. This environment/culture of innovation, which results from a system of transversal scope, is supported by FUTURELAB, as the laboratory of the future, an Innovation Centre based on a digital platform where all our staff contributes their ideas and suggestions for the future.

In addition to the actions developed internally, and to ensure high levels of knowledge and innovation, we value and promote a close link with universities and research centres, establishing strategic partnerships that allow us to have an innovative spirit and, together, develop solutions that translate into market trends.

In order to potentiate our innovative spirit, we have the integration of information technology with infrastructure and building engineering, in an innovative and disruptive combination that not only enables more integrated and innovative services, but also introduces more effective approaches and internal production procedures.

FUTURE Group deploys extremely advanced and sophisticated technological tools, which allow us to be at the leading position and provide services that, in most situations, are only practised by specialised companies, as well as guaranteeing a high level of service. Our drones that allow the aerial survey of land uses or buildings, our deflectometers that allows us to determine the structural condition of pavements, or our Mobile Mapping system that performs the intelligent and complete survey of any installation or infrastructure by point cloud, are examples of our bet in technology.