Manuel Ruivo

Director of the Real Estate Business Unit

A project and construction management specialist with 35 years of professional experience and good adaptation in complex, multicultural and multilingual environments. He is the Director of the Real Estate Business Unit in Portugal.

I have identified myself with the Group's concept since we began this journey together. I feel especially mobilized by the purpose of elevating engineering to the top of the value chain of investment processes.

Manuel Ruivo, Director of the Real Estate Business Unit

Manuel José Sanches Ruivo is a Civil Engineer with more than 35 years of experience. Throughout his professional life he has developed and consolidated capabilities such as: project and construction management, in several projects such as offices, shopping centres, hotels, automotive industry, telecommunications infrastructure, rehabilitation among others, often working in complex, multicultural and multilingual environments; cost, planning, tendering and hiring consultants, designers, contractors and direct suppliers and in the coordination of these multidisciplinary teams with promoters and official entities.


Thus, knowing the industry well, acquired general knowledge in other areas of engineering and architecture, which associated with the work experience are an excellent asset in the rationalization and coordination of solutions in the design stage.


In the construction stage he implemented strategies of works separation on several occasions with great success. In recent years he also had the opportunity to perform positions as Project Management Supervisor for Banking institutions.