The future depends on our choices. In FUTURE Group we assume this responsibility.

Creating a world for the next generations

In light of the recognition that environmental challenges and problems are becoming increasingly complex and impactful, affecting communities and natural capital in different corners of the globe, the business world faces an urgent need to respond rapidly to changes in the context of its operating environment and to be proactive in approaching global issues.


Due to its geographical and sectoral transversality, FUTURE Group believes in the importance of its role as a leader and promoter of the best environmental sustainability policies and practices, contributing to sustainable development with its approach, processes and innovative technological solutions.


In this context, FUTURE Group sets up as priorities: 


  • The accountability and commitment at the highest level of the Group´s management to the principles of sustainable development advocated in Agenda 2030
  • The promotion of a sustainable culture that involves and mobilizes its employees and other stakeholders
  • Improving its operational efficiency, including cost and environmental footprint reduction of its operations and supplier networks
  • The Group´s transformation towards carbon neutrality
  • The transparency of its activity, with dissemination of reports and sustainability initiatives
  • The incorporation of sustainability principles into its purchasing processes