Investment and Development Agency

The Investment and Development Agency is the result of FUTURE concept – Beyond Engineering - and one of its most evident and relevant practical demonstrations.

We identify and develop opportunities. We enhace its success


FUTURE Investment and Development Agency is a platform for creation, identification and development of opportunities and structuring of investments, bridging the gap between needs and solutions.



Whether for governmental agencies, investors, or private firms, FUTURE Group presents itself as a magnet for success, thanks to its skills, experience and, above all, its Beyond Engineering approach model.


We look at needs as opportunities, transforming them into businesses that we make available, duly structured, to investors, in order to better serve their global interests.

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Sound technical base, as result of decades of experience designing and managing thousands of relevant projects in different geographies

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Privileged connection to varied financing sources

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Wide network of investors, in the most diverse sectors

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Global presence and local knowledge

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Experience in setting up operations with financial structuring, reinforced by our connection to the financial sector of one of the leading centres in the world, Hong Kong

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Active and important participation in reconstruction and modernization processes in developing countries

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Ability to bridge cultures and adapt to different realities


Traditional funding solutions for developing countries are now exhausted. Since infrastructure is fundamental to the development of economies and the improvement of people's quality of life, it is important to devise alternative approaches that ensure needs are met in a timely, sustainable, appropriate and beneficial manner for all stakeholders.

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Financing from other countries:


  • Support in the negotiation of contractual conditions in order to safeguard the interests and objectives of the Countries;
  • Design of the solutions to be followed by the financiers, in order to ensure the quality and suitability of the infrastructures and/or equipment to the local reality and needs;
  • Monitoring and supervision of the project implementation, ensuring the established quality standards;
  • Conflict management.
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Preparation of funding applications

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Support and feasibility of privatization processes, including promotion and investor engagement

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Procurement of private investors for structural sectors

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Macro studies and planning


We support the private sector in all countries where we operate, but also where our clients need us. Processes and approaches depend on local realities and specificities. While in more developed economies the framework, in its multiple aspects, is well known by all, in other regions and countries exactly the opposite happens. In these cases, improvisation and randomness predominate and, generally, the profile of investors is quite bold. Due to their specificity and potential, these markets deserve special attention from FUTURE.

Advanced markets are saturated and at a stage where the reduced risk does not compensate for the low potential profitability. The demand for new, growing markets is increasingly attractive. However, this change in investment destination still faces limiting barriers, especially for large European and North American investors, which will have to progressively be overcome. The credibility of the markets, classified by their rating, the reduced organization and capacity of the public administrations of the destination countries to deal quickly with investments, the difficulty in negotiations, the informal rules, exchange rate issues and cultural shocks, are examples of factors that delay foreign private investment.


For their part, the Developing Countries, as referred, are now entering a phase in which growth must be boosted and supported by the private sector, and it is up to the States to ensure essential structuring investments, although in a different model from the usual.


FUTURE positions itself as the answer to mitigate the effect of these barriers, assuming the leadership of the processes and ensuring, on the ground, the swiftness and success of operations. Bridging different systems, FUTURE allows and guarantees that each party to the process dialogues and functions in its own environment, thus enhancing the operations success.


Private investment can take many forms and, as can be seen from the above, it is often associated with the public sector, so the reference position that FUTURE practices and builds with the countries where it operates is an important asset.

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We provide investment opportunities

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Adequacy and local integration

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Support in negotiations with local authorities

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We provide opportunities for EPC contracts

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We structure proposals for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in our main sectors of activity

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We identify and mobilize local or complementary partners

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We develop and implement projects for investors with a financial profile

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Real Estate investments: complete management of the entire process, from opportunity identification to market placement

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Conflict management


We study and systematically approach the opportunities we identify, seeking to maximize its value and return on investment. The objective determination of the associated business potential and the careful definition of the development strategy are the pillars of our action.


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We proactively explore


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We analyse the feasibility of investments in their multiple aspects (technical, environmental, financial, legal and political)


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We structure an investment project


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We share information with the FUTURE Universe – our network of clients and partners


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We ensure implementation, in all phases and in all facets


There are many situations in which Governments and Privates seek the support of FUTURE to identify and attract investors and specific opportunities, respectively. In these cases, the entire FUTURE network is activated, selectively, to satisfy the order, bearing in mind the characterization of the request. However, FUTURE assumes a proactive role and, with a systematic approach, permanently identifies and analyses, across all geographies where it operates, needs that may lead to investment and development opportunities.


The accurate selection of the Opportunities and Projects to which we decide to dedicate ourselves, together with the identification and choice of strategic partners and investors to associate, are aspects that we consider fundamental to our successful performance, as well as for the consolidation of our credibility. Our strategies and approaches are suited to each reality and need. However, our fundamental principles are always the same.


Our customers and strategic partners are a potential that FUTURE leverages with knowledge and responsibility, placing it at their service. Entering the FUTURE Universe means having access to an extensive network with wide sectoral and geographical scope. A universe of opportunities and solutions. 

FUTURE promotes partnerships, brings together clients from the same sector and/or from different geographies, structures complementary links. This concept allows viable investments, risk sharing, synergistic capacities and scaling projects and operations.


The areas where we have been most active are as follows.

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Transportation infrastructure

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Port infrastructure

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Utilities, in general

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Mineral resources

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Public equipment

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Real Estate


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  • Europe and Africa
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Francisco Carvalho

Head of Business Development

Francisco Carvalho

Head of Business Development