Future Concept

More than creating a new concept, FUTURE Group exists to reinvent the engineering business.

Beyond Engineering

FUTURE concept emerges to reinvent the way of managing and practising the consulting engineering business and to position it at the highest level of the value chain. 

To look and manage engineering as a business, but with the responsibility to contribute to a better world.  BEYOND ENGINEERING, which translates FUTURE Group's vision of the role of engineering as engine for the development of investments, from their origin to their structuring, mastering the whole process and contributing to the business success in all its implementation stages.

This concept is based on the following vectors, which are pillars of FUTURE Group:


  • Providing the Client an integrated offer that cover all the stages and needs of an investment
  • Providing the Client an integrated offer that brings together all the reuquired areas of activity for an investment
  • Being a pioneer in solutions and innovative in approaches
  • Being a Global company, dynamic in its updating processes and independent of management cycles, thus ensuring its permanence
  • To be an organization that guarantees high profitability, by standards of quality, efficiency and sophistication of the services it delivers
In Future Group we provide the Client with an integrated offer that brings together areas of activity that cover all the stages and needs of an investment, bringing together to that effect the knowledge and competence that is not usually found in the same engineering group.